How to determine the real mileage of a car: useful life hacks

No one believes the odometer readings for a long time
Those who have ever dealt with buying a car on the secondary market in Ukraine know that, in most cases, you cannot believe in mileage . That is why, before many motorists, the question arises of how to determine the real mileage of a car.
The first thing you should understand for yourself is that trying to find out the real mileage of a car makes sense on cars whose age does not exceed 10 years.
In cars that are 15-20 years old or more, it is worth looking at the real state of components and assemblies.
The second thing to understand when trying to find the real mileage on a car is that each model will have its own values ​​\u200b\u200band its own mileage indicators.
Before inspecting a specific car model, it is worth reading and seeing how it should look at the declared mileage. Now let's talk about where and how to look for the real mileage of a car.

Electronic memory

How to determine the real mileage of a car: useful life hacks / depositphotos

In addition to the odometer, some cars also write mileage in the control units. For example, in the computer there may be a message a year ago about an error on a run of 160 thousand, despite the fact that now there are only 60 thousand kilometers on the instrument panel. Unfortunately, this method can not be used on all cars.

Interior view

Here it is immediately worth making a reservation that, depending on the materials and the manufacturer, the wear resistance of the interior is very different. That is why it is better to clarify the information on a specific model before inspecting it. Conditionally, the dependence of the state of the cabin on the mileage looks like this:
  • up to 30 thousand - the condition of a new car;
  • 30-70 thousand - signs of wear are visible, but it still sits nicely in the salon;
  • 150 thousand - the interior is two times worse than the new one, but “still looks like”;
  • 300 thousand and above - it is unpleasant to get into the car, the threads are shaggy everywhere, and the paint peels off.

Engine export

How to determine the real mileage of a car: useful life hacks / depositphotos

Modern engines with mileage of 120-200 thousand with good maintenance look relatively new. If a cursory examination shows that the engine is very “tired”, then the car’s mileage is clearly more than 300 thousand.

Chassis condition

Chassis condition

This criterion is only suitable for determining the mileage of relatively new cars. The factory suspension runs about 50-70 thousand, depending on the car. The most important thing when checking a suspension is uniformity. So, if you see that silent blocks and ball joints look newer than the rest of the suspension, then the car is unlikely to have a real mileage of 50 thousand km.

Do not rush to draw radical conclusions about the car on any one basis. So, it is easy for some interior elements to return to a “new” look, while on some models there are problem areas that fail earlier than they should.
Ideally, you need to look for something that is difficult or impossible to eliminate: washed out sidewalls of the seat, “useful” threads on the seats and seat belts, inscriptions on buttons that have worn off over time.
Our advice is suitable for the primary (rough inspection of the car). When you realize that you have found the only car you want to buy, take your time. So, it is better to order a car check from a picker or go to the nearest service station to finally make sure that the car is normal.

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